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Hanging Ceiling Subwoofers, Made Simple by Soundsphere
Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When it comes to suspended or hanging ceiling subwoofers, choices are generally limited to traditional PA cabinets with built-in rigging points, making them heavy, awkward to mount, and visually obstructive. Soundsphere is one of the few manufacturers that designs and builds hanging ceiling subwoofers specifically for rigging.

Soundsphere Hanging Ceiling Subwoofer Round Q SB2 Water Park

Soundsphere hanging subwoofers are more attractive than traditional bass cabs and easier to integrate into open ceilings


Soundsphere offers two different hanging ceiling subwoofer models: The compact 8? Q-LB and the dual 18? Q-SB2
Soundsphere Hanging Ceiling Subwoofer Round Q LB

The Q-LB

The Q-LB hanging ceiling subwoofer is designed for bars, restaurants, modern offices, small gyms, retail stores, and other applications. It easily blends in with open ceilings and is ideal for locations that need light bass reinforcement. At only 17? high, it can be mounted up and out of sight, or suspended from taller ceilings like a pendant.

The Q-LB uses a high-throw 8? subwoofer with 100 watts of continuous power handling. A ported enclosure extends bass response down to 65hz and up to 113 dB of SPL. At only 15 pounds, it’s extremely easy to install, even by yourself.

Designed to be used in multiples, a few strategically placed Q-LB hanging ceiling subwoofers placed around a restaurant or retail store solves the problem of uneven bass.

Soundsphere Hanging Ceiling Subwoofer Round Q SB2

The Q-SB2

The Q-SB2 is Soundsphere’s monster bass machine. Like the Q-LB, it’s designed specifically for rigging, and shares an unobstructive spherical shape. It puts out huge bass, like a traditional PA cab, but easily blends into ceilings – most people won’t even notice it’s a subwoofer. The Q-SB2 is ideal for venues with extended bass requirements – Dance clubs, indoor arenas and gymnasiums, ice rinks, and houses of worship with large production value.

Dual 18? subwoofers produce BIG bass. 800 watts of continuous power handling produces sound pressure levels of up to 128 dB. Bass extension goes down to 40 Hz – suitable for virtually any type of music.

The Q-SB2 is surprisingly easy to install, too. The spherical shape means it doesn’t need heavy internal bracing, and the fiberglass construction makes this the lightest double 18 subwoofer around. At only 82 pounds, this hanging ceiling subwoofer is extremely manageable.

Soundsphere Hanging Ceiling Subwoofer Round Q Combo Kit

The optional Q-Combo Kits make installation of large-scale soundsphere systems simple