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Featured Q-6 Install: Kennedy Space Center Sound System
Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Did you know that NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) uses Soundsphere in their facilities? Check out this report on the Propellants North Administrative and Maintenance Facility in the Launch Complex 39 area of Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Download the NASAfacts report HERE


NASA_Kennedy_Space_Center_Soundsphere_Sound_System_Q-6_Q6 (2)

About The NASA Facility

Propellants North, as it is called, consists of two  buildings — a single-story, 1,800-square-foot shop used  to store cryogenic fuel transfer equipment and a two-story,  9,540-square-foot administrative building that houses managers, mechanics and technicians who fuel spacecraft. It will be NASA’s first carbon neutral facility, which means it will produce enough energy onsite from renewable sources to offset what it requires to operate.

The facility will produce an estimated 150,000,000 watt-hours per year (150 megawatt-hours) through an 80-kilowatt array, integrating the two photovoltaic (PV) roof systems and a PV-covered electric vehicle charging canopy in the facility’s parking lot.

About the Soundsphere Sound System

Inside, the NASA sound system consists of suspended Soundsphere Q-6 Compacts. Omnidirectional, 360 degree dispersion means that only a handful of speakers provides coverage for the entire facility. High sensitivity means that clean, clear messages can be broadcasted throughout the building with minimum power requirements, which ties into NASA’s low-carbon footprint goals.

With loud trucks and machinery often being used within NASA’s Propellant North, it’s important that the sound system get loud enough to overcome their sounds – which the Q-6 does handidly. Virtually every nook and cranny of the facility can receive audio nearly 100dB of SPL from the Q-6 distributed sound system.

Not only that, but the unique Soundsphere Q-6 design ties into NASA’s space-age theme.


NASA_Kennedy_Space_Center_Soundsphere_Sound_System_Q-6_Q6 (3)

NASA’s Propellants North Facility only needs a handful of Soundsphere Q-6?s to achieve 100dB sound levels throughout the entire facility.