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RDL, Radio Design Labs

RDL manufactures high performance audio products. Made in America - means our products are produced entirely in our Arizona factory. Only here can we monitor the quality of the materials and components used and control every step of the production process. For over 35 years, this policy has earned us a reputation for providing reliable products customers trust in installations around the world.

Model: RU-NL4

The RU-NL4 modules are Dante audio network interface products compatible with line-level audio equipment inputs.
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RDL Introduces EZ-MCP1 Microphone Compressor
Posted on Monday, June 14, 2010
RDL Introduces EZ-MCP1 Microphone Compressor
  • Solve Level Variations Due to Inconsistent Mic Technique
  • Avoid Overloads from Loud/Excited Speech or Mic Proximity
  • Prevent Clipping Distortion at Mic Level Prior to Mixer
  • Provide Consistent Mic Level for Maximum Intelligibility
  • Economical for Installation on Every PA Microphone
  • Lightweight Enough for Traveling Presenters
  • A Must for Every Existing and New PA/Paging System

The EZ-MCP1 is an in-line microphone compressor that produces consistent audio levels despite wide variations (up to 30 dB) from the microphone. It is installed between a dynamic or condenser microphone and a mic-level mixer or amplifier input. The only setup required is a front-panel level trimmer that is adjusted during normal speech until the compression LED just begins to flash. A rear-panel output level trimmer is provided although it is typically left in the normal default position. Phantom voltage (24 V) is automatically switched on when the EZ-MCP1 output is connected to a mic jack that provides phantom voltage. The EZ-MCP1 improves sound quality and intelligibility by producing consistent audio levels and controlling overloads that produce distortion and clipping. It is used for recording, paging and public address in houses of worship, restaurants, clubs, meeting rooms, educational facilities, conference rooms and commercial sound systems.