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Gefen LLC - EXT-DVI-FM500
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The Gefen DVI-FM500 Fiber Extender

Model: EXT-DVI-FM500

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Painless, reliable DVI extension up to 5,000 feet over fiber optic cable -- with built-in DVI-to-fiber signal converters. Built-in EDID storage ensures stability during video operations.

The DVI-FM500 Extender lets you extend your DVI source up to 5,000 feet away using a 100% fiber optic solution. Attractive and compact DVI-to-fiber modules connect to each other via just two LC fiber optic cable strands. The on-the-fly EDID programming feature enables quick and correct synchronization of the video resolution.

How It Works

The DVI FM 500 Sender unit plugs into a DVI port (from a computer source or HD source). The DVI FM 500 Receiver unit plugs into a DVI display - up to 5,000 feet away. Two-strand LC fiber optic cable connects the DVI FM 500 Sender unit and the DVI FM500 Receiver units. Power is connected to the DVI FM 500 receiver using the 5V wall adapter and a crisp, vibrant HD picture appears on the display.

Optical signal transmission provides immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI).
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