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AMX Expands Endeleo Distributed Media Line with Support for up to Eight Multi-Format Sources
Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2008










– AMX® expanded its Endeleo Distributed Media line today with the introduction of several new Universal Distribution Matrix (UDM) solutions for commercial and residential installations. Those products include the UDM-0808 Signature Series Multi-Format Distribution Hub (UDM-0808-SIG), which supports eight multi-format video sources and eight displays, the UDM-RX02N Multi-Format Receiver, and the UDM-ABB-8 Signature Series Audio Breakout (UDM-ABB8-SIG). The UDM-0808-SIG and UDM-RX02N are the first "Native NetLinx®" Endeleo products to be introduced by AMX, which will make integrating the products with AMX Control Systems easier for integrators. AMX will showcase the system in booth C2902 at InfoComm 2008, being held June 18 – 20 in Las Vegas.

Incorporates “Native NetLinx” Support for Easier Programming

LAS VEGAS – June 18, 2008

"The launch of the UDM-0808-SIG and UDM-RX02N is a significant event for AMX because it is the first time AMX has embedded our NetLinx technology into another product line - a complex process that required a significant investment in time and resources," said Robert Noble, AMX chief technology officer. "At the end of the day, one of our primary goals is to make system programming and integration easier for our customers. By acquiring, and then integrating, complementary technologies like those from Endeleo into the AMX product line up, we are doing just that."

Multi-Format Distribution Hub
The UDM-0808-SIG expands the maximum number of video sources supported by an Endeleo UDM Multi-Format Distribution Hub from four to as many as eight, fulfilling a need in both the commercial and residential markets. The UDM-0808-SIG is ideal for organizations and homeowners wanting to centrally store equipment - such as cable / satellite television set top boxes, digital video recorders (DVRs), multimedia content servers and VCR / DVD players - and simultaneously deliver video. The UDM-0808-SIG is a scalable output solution available in multiples of eight – 8x8, 8x16, 8x24 and 8x32.

In addition to supporting more sources, the UDM-0808-SIG is the first Native NetLinx Multi-Format Distribution Hub, which will make integrating the distribution hub with an AMX Control System easier for integrators. When a device is Native NetLinx, it automatically appears in NetLinx Studio®, an AMX software application that integrates programming, organization, and support into one application.

The UDM-0808-SIG is the first Multi-Format Distribution Hub to incorporate the Signature Series design from AMX, which is also reflected in the new UDM-AB8-SIG, as well as the NI-3101 Signature Series NetLinx Controller and Tango Distributed Audio System. When installed together, AMX Signature Series devices create a visually appealing, unified system that enables visible display if desired.

Like all of the company’s UDM Multi-Format Distribution Hubs, the UDM-0808-SIG delivers audio and video over easily-installed, dedicated Cat5/5e/6/7. With an Endeleo Multi-Format Distribution Hub, users can quickly switch and transmit any video source up to 1080p to any display device at distances up to 1,000 feet / 300 meters, power on/off display devices, and permission user control to select and play video sources and media servers on demand.

The UDM-0808-SIG supports RGB, component, S-Video and composite video sources. It ships with an IR receiver port to enable control by the Endeleo IR Remote Control or third party devices.

Multi-Format Receiver
Like the current UDM-RX02, the UDM-RX02N is installed at the display, where it converts the signal received from the Multi-Format Distribution Hub to standard video signals. This next-generation receiver extends the UDM-RX02 feature set, however, by adding IR and Serial ports – identical to the ones found on AMX NetLinx Integrated Controllers. Because the ports are Native NetLinx devices, AMX’s extensive IR Code Library is used to add IR-based devices to the system, which centralizes and streamlines programming.

The UDM-RX02N is backwards compatible, thus it may be used with any Endeleo Multi-Format Distribution Hub.

Audio Breakout
The UDM-ABB-8-SIG extracts the audio signals received from the UDM-0808-SIG, making them available for distribution to audio applications. It connects to the cascade port of the multi-format distribution hub.

The UDM-0808-SIG, UDM-RX02N and UDM-ABB-8-SIG will be available within 90 days.