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About WinShape Retreat 

WinShape Retreat is a meeting and retreat facility located in northwest Georgia on the campus of Berry College. Since 2003, the facility has hosted retreats for thousands of couples in various stages of their relationships — from engagement to golden anniversary. WinShape also offers leadership training retreats as well as summer camp programs for boys and girls. 


The newest audio/video system in WinShape Retreat’s largest (180-seat) auditorium was a retrofit. The customer needed a system that was easier to use and allowed more accessibility for multiple people using the system with different laptops. They also needed an A/V solution for a 90-seat room and a 30-seat room with an easy interface for presenters.


Kramer and CCI Solutions proposed a VP-725* switcher to control all inputs in the largest auditorium, plus a variety of twisted pair units. A VP-773A switcher was installed for the 90-seat room. The 30-seat room was outfitted with a VP-728** switcher. Presenters can connect their own devices into the systems via either HDMI or VGA cables. Each room has a K-Touch*** unit for easy control and operation of all audio/video equipment.


Hattley said he found that the Kramer product was easier to use, allowed more accessibility and was more cost effective in the large auditorium than the previous brand.  “The video quality is better with Kramer.  The transitions are smoother from one video source to another.  Kramer provides seamless switching,” he said.

In the smaller rooms, Hattley said the presentations are better overall.  “We have many repeat visitors, and they noticed the change immediately,” he said.

The facility has had a number of systems throughout the years and they have upgraded as necessary.  Roy Hattley, the  AV Specialist at WinShape, said he first worked with Kramer when a Kramer switcher wouldn’t connect with another manufacturer’s product and they couldn’t figure out the reason.  “The Kramer service people bent over backwards to help us. They had us send the VP-729 to them and they found the glitch. It was on the other product.  I was sold on Kramer from then on,” Hattley said.

* The VP-553XL is our most current product for this specific use (recommended)

** The VP-734 is our most current product for this specific use (recommended)

*** Kramer Control is our most recent offering for this specific use