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Peerless-AV Becomes DAYTONA Technology Platform Partner, Providing Over 800 Outdoor Displays to Daytona International Speedway®

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Peerless-AV Becomes DAYTONA Technology Platform Partner, Providing Over 800 Outdoor Displays to Daytona International Speedway®
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The Challenge

In early July, 2013, Daytona International Speedway (DIS) embarked on a $400 million redevelopment project referred to as DAYTONA Rising. The goal was to transform the speedway and give racing fans the ultimate experience, everywhere in the stadium. 

In addressing this goal, DIS focused on the importance of technology in enabling the ideal fan experience and sought out partners to add to its DAYTONA Technology Platform. 

While DIS was looking for a wide range of technology solutions to support the project, a key emphasis was placed on the need for outdoor, weatherproof displays. Digital displays would make the impossible possible – fans would never have to miss a minute of the action, no matter where they were in the speedway.

This meant DIS needed to find a solution that would be:

  • Fully operational in the extreme temperatures and weather conditions experienced in Daytona Beach, Florida.

  • Easy to install and maintenance free to allow its employees to focus on the customer experience, rather than maintenance of equipment.

  • Viewable in direct sunlight, as well as by fans who wear polarized sunglasses.

The Solution

DIS reached out to multiple suppliers, who competed head-to-head for the DAYTONA Technology Platform partnership. Suppliers competing for the project ranged from commercial display manufacturers to consumer TV manufacturers. 

In comparing the solutions offered by each supplier, DIS found Peerless-AV’s solutions to offer the best outdoor, weatherproof and direct sunlight readable capabilities. Peerless-AV’s displays would accommodate DIS’ needs while coming in on budget.

DIS decided on two Xtreme™ Outdoor Daylight Readable Display models – 47" Xtreme™ Outdoor Daylight Readable Displays (CL-47PLC68-OB) and 42" Xtreme™ Outdoor Daylight Readable Displays in portrait orientation (CLP-42PLC68-OB).   

Peerless-AV’s solutions addressed all of DIS’s needs, with features including:

The Xtreme™ displays offer a sleek design with clean aesthetics. The contemporary styling of the displays stood out against the competition during the head-to-head battle.

Weather Resistance
Peerless-AV’s outdoor displays are designed for full operation in extreme outdoor conditions, making the displays ideal for the Florida weather. 

The IP68-rated outdoor displays’ fully-sealed, weatherproof design completely seals all internal components, including cable entry.  This provides the utmost protection against outdoor elements, such as rain, dirt, brake dust, insects, and salt-air. 

Corrosion from salt-air, which travels from the nearby Atlantic Ocean, was also a non-issue for the displays as they have undergone and surpassed salt-fog and salt spray testing.

The operating temperature of the displays range from -40°F to 140°F, which is ideal for the temperatures in Florida. Plus, the patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ system passively cools and thermally heats the displays, eliminating the need for filters, vents, or fans. 

Viewability, Clarity, and Brightness
Direct sunlight visibility is not a concern with the Xtreme™ displays. The optically bonded displays are equipped with ambient light sensors to automatically and gradually adjust the screens’ brightness based on the surrounding conditions. Optic bonding the display also creates superior contrast which is required for a clear, crisp, and optimal direct sunlight viewing experience.

In addition to direct sunlight readability, the displays needed to be viewable by fans that wear polarized sunglasses. Peerless-AV implements a quarter wave polarizer within its displays, which allows for the display’s content to be seen in portrait orientation.

Unlike other outdoor displays, the Xtreme™ displays do not have vents, filters or exhaust fans, creating a truly maintenance-free solution. This feature was a huge plus for DIS as it would free up its employees from focusing on repeated maintenance of its display technology. 

DIS needed outdoor displays for a variety of purposes in the new stadium, including digital menu boards at concession areas, and to display information, live racing feeds, emergency messages, and more. 

Digital displays allow content to be changed quickly and easily with the click of a mouse. With the numerous events held at DIS regularly, digital displays are able to be branded to the specific event. Also, the option of portrait orientation for the Xtreme™ displays was a further benefit for DIS.

The Install

DIS had a tight timeline for the project, requiring the installation to be complete by the 2016 Rolex 24 At DAYTONA and the DAYTONA 500. The outdoor displays were one of the last solutions installed at the speedway and Peerless-AV was fully prepared throughout the process.

The displays needed to be mounted throughout the entire speedway, including in the concessions, stadium concourses, garage/pit areas, bathrooms, and more – wherever a display would fit, a display needed to be installed to ensure fans would never miss a minute of the race.

Integration Factory managed the installation, which was completed on schedule. During the installation, Integration Factory experienced an obstacle regarding varying mounting column sizes. There were five to six different sized columns, which resulted in the creation of custom mounting solutions that could attach Peerless-AV displays to a variety of different columns.  

Once the mounts were installed, the mounting of the displays began. The displays offered a plug and play setup for Integration Factory. Installing media players behind the displays and plugging all of the AV into electrical sources were the final components in the process.

The Results

Over 800 Peerless-AV Outdoor Displays were installed throughout the Daytona International Speedway.

“Peerless-AV has not only supplied DIS with the most reliable outdoor displays, but has also helped us promote the complete transformation of the speedway to everyone in the AV industry,” said Rodney Ward, Senior Director, Venue Technology at International Speedway Corporation. “We created a strong partnership with a great company, and are very pleased with the high-quality displays that are met with positive feedback on a daily basis by fans.”

Today, race fans never have to miss a second of the racing action, even when they are waiting in line for a hot dog or taking a quick bathroom break. 

About Peerless-AV

Peerless-AV, a Peerless Industries, Inc. company, is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of audiovisual solutions. From its award-winning mounts and wireless audio systems to indoor/outdoor kiosks and the industry’s first fully sealed outdoor displays, Peerless-AV aims to Get it Right by fulfilling both integrators’ needs for ease of installation and service, and end-users’ dreams in residential and commercial applications.

Based in Aurora, IL, Peerless-AV manufactures over 3,600 products that serve original equipment manufacturers, commercial integrators and consumer retailers in 22 vertical markets through direct sales representatives and authorized distribution. For more information, visit