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AMX Expands Optima Matrix Switcher Line with New 8x8 DVI Board
Posted on Tuesday, April 15, 2008


LAS VEGAS – April 15, 2008 – Today at the 2008 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, AMX® expanded its AutoPatch® mix-and-match matrix switcher line – the Optima® Series – with the addition of a new 8x8 DVI board. The board routes and distributes eight, high-resolution computer DVI signals to eight displays – all while maintaining a true, digital signal. It supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 and includes features that simplify the complexity of DVI integration, such as cable equalization, signal reclocking and a new EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) Programmer. AMX is displaying its Optima 8x8 DVI Board in booth SL2629 at the show, which is being held April 14 – 17 in Las Vegas.
The Optima 8x8 DVI Board supports cable distances up to 100 feet and beyond – well above the industry average of 15 feet – through AMX’s unique combination of cable equalization and signal reclocking. Cable equalization on each input rids the signal of artifacts, often called “skin effects”, which result from long-distance cable transmissions. CDR (Clock Data Recovery), also known as reclocking, on each output regenerates or “squares” the signal, restoring it to its original specification and compensating for any “rounding”, which can also result in star effects and unwanted visual artifacts.
The new board features four, high-amperage DVI outputs, providing one full Amp (Ampere) between them. This DVI output capability is greater than the industry-standard DVI power, enabling external equipment such as converters, splitters and transmitters to be powered directly through the DVI connector, which eliminates the need for external power supplies. The remaining four outputs provide a total of 270mA (Milliamperes).
EDID Programmer
Defined by the Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA), EDID standardizes communication between a source device and display to ensure that video is shown correctly. Without EDID information, source devices are often unable to produce a signal, thus it is critical for signal distribution equipment, such as matrix switchers, to include this information.
Each input on the Optima DVI Board includes 12-preset EDID settings for today’s most popular display devices. For those that are not included – such as specialized screens designed for specific markets like medical, transportation, and digital signage – AMX’s powerful, new EDID Programmer enables simple and easy setup of custom EDID resolutions, ensuring that video can be properly routed and displayed on any display.
Optima Matrix Switchers
Optima Matrix Switchers are designed with a platform base on which more than 15 signal types can be stacked. It can easily handle the signal diversity of an entire installation, replacing multiple small routers. The switchers are ideal for any mid-range routing application, including sports bars, meeting rooms, education and government facilities.
The Optima 8x8 DVI Board can be mixed with other Optima Board options – including RGBHV, composite, S-Video, component, SD-SDI and HD-SDI, as well as analog and digital audio – in a 2RU or 3RU Optima Matrix Switcher Enclosure. The Optima line supports multiple control options, such as AMX NetLinx, RS-232, TCP/IP, front panel
and other third party control systems.
The new Optima 8x8 DVI Board will be available June 2008.